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Go-Green Thermal Imaging Audits can assist you with the following:
  • Safety- detection of loose or overloaded wiring, overheating furnace motors or bearings.  Previously undetected issues can be corrected before a major failure.


  • Money and energy savings- 53 percent of home heat loss is due to missing insulation in ceilings and walls and inadequated doors or windows.  Ducts, vents, and fireplaces account for an additional 32 percent of energy loss.  Detection of these losses and corrective action can add up to long term financial savings for a property owner.


  • Health- detection of water leakage, seepage, wet insulation, water damage, and condensation.  Thermal imaging will help you locate the possibility of mould and enable you to maintain a structurally sound and healthy home.



Pricing for total square footage (garages are priced separately):

These prices inlcude a complete thermal imagining scan plus a report signifying any issues found. You may then present the report to a contractor of your choice for repairs, if necessary.

$250     <999 square feet

$325     1000-1999 square feet

$400     2000-2999 square feet

$475     3000-3999 square feet

$550     4000-4499 square feet

$100 setup/report fee plus $0.10/sq. ft.   >4500 square feet (sheds, shops, large homes, multiple housing units, condos, etc.)



Total square footage- includes main floor and subsequent square footage of all other levels in the building.  Alternately, you can condense the footage to an area that fits your concern or budget.

Single or double garages- $50 each and are conducted at the same time as the home evaluation (the results will be included with your home report).

Spot, Preventative, or Isolation Thermal Audits- can be arranged for a price of $125/hour without a report (a report is an additional $50).

Mileage- $1.00/km, one direction, is charged beyond 25 km of Portage la Prairie.

Verification Audit- recommended to confirm that all previously detected thermal issues have been corrected.  We offer verification audits to our clients at 50 percent off their original thermal imaging audit price (not applicable to mileage).



The prices above do not include applicable sales tax.



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