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Case Studies



Case Study #1

basement_duct.jpg          basement_duct_2.jpg

The thermal imager shows a couple of very cold areas, where the dryer vent pipe exits the basement through the main floor joists.  There is cold air coming down the vent and needs to be addressed as soon as possible.



Case Study #2


At this location, there is either an insulation issue under the window or the window itself has a broken seal.  This problem is allowing extremely cold outside air to freely enter the building and immediate action should be taken to avoid further drastic heat loss.



Case Study #3


This is an example of a dormant gas fireplace that has not been sealed properly.  Cold air continues to flow down the chimney prompted by negative internal air pressure.  The air makes the adjacent family room a very cold area to lounge in.



Case Study 4 


This client had an issue with their floor heat.  It was found that there was a void in the heat wire spacing resulting in a cold spot.  This thermal image shows exactly where the repairs would have to take place if and when they decide to correct the fault.



Case Study #5 


Without a proper damper, there is nothing to prevent cold air from entering through this exhaust fan.  A considerable draft could be felt especially when the furnace was running with the fan in a static state.



Case Study #6 

Spray_foam_1.bmp        Spray_foam_3.bmp

These thermal images show examples of improperly applied spray foam insulation in the basement of a new home.  The foam was applied on the outerwall between the main floor joists.  The two areas show the foam applied either too thinly or not uniformly enough to prevent cold outer air from penetrating into the basement.  Over time mould may become an issue as cold air infiltrates the wall and meets warm moist interior air.



Case Study #7 

Frost_behind_panel.bmp       Frost_melting_behind_inner_wall..bmp

This frost signature behind the foam panelling of a shop wall indicates a leaking panel seal that is allowing heat and moisture build up.



Case Study #8 


The heat signature of the ceiling joists in this image indicate improper insulation as heat radiates through the sheet rock.



Case Study #9 

Potlight_ceiling_moisture.bmp Truss_frost.bmp

Moisture is evident around the kitchen potlights.  Further inspection in the attic indicated warm moist air rising through the ceiling and attaching to the roof trusses as frost.  When the sun warms the roof, the frost melts and channels down the trusses to the outerwall, it then breaches the vapour barrier to settle on the gyproc above the kitchen.



Case Study #10 

IR_0053.jpg                IR_0055.jpg

These images show rodent trails and missing patches of insulation in an attic.




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