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Manitoba's #1 Thermal Imaging and

Infrared Home and Building Inspectors!


Go-Green Thermal Imaging Audits offers homeowners a cost effective and non-destructive insight into their home.  Our thermal imaging camera is able to pinpoint areas of energy loss and concern that cannot be detected with the naked eye.


Thermal energy is radiated by all tangible matter on earth.  If your home is missing insulation, has wet spots within the framework, loose or hot wires, or air leaks, our thermal imaging camera will detect the problem through temperature variances.  Correcting these areas of concern will provide you and your family with a safe and comfortable living environment as well as protect the integrity of your investment.  A follow-up, Thermal Imaging Verification Audit, can confirm that these areas have been properly corrected.


Thermal Imaging Audits are recommended for: 

  • buying or selling: homes, investment properties, or commercial buildings
  • restorations or renovations
  • insurance and mortgage assessments
  • weatherization or weatherproofing
  • new home warranty evaulations
  • contractor accreditation - validates that a new building is air tight and wired according to local building codes (includes a certificate for buildings, which pass the inspection, that may be included with the sale documents)



Ensure there are no surprises in your home!


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